Saturday, June 16, 2012

Male lactation/nipple milking? Hell yeah!

Apparently, this is the more controversial of my fetishes...xD I love nipples, I love pecs, and I love me some manmilk. So what's hotter than a man shooting some hot juice from his nipples? I don't know. There's just something sexy about it if you ask me. Unfortunately, it's still a relatively new and niche interest... ._. You decide whether or not it's your thing! :D

Pec fucking? Hell yeah!

So I request this a lot and people always ask for references. I'd rather post them all here since, well, finding links to galleries is always such a hassle so...enjoy! This is a pec fucking compilation of mine...if you guys have any other goodies elsewhere then let me know! This is one of my favorite fetishes out there. :D Click the images for the full-sized goodies!